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Best Customer Service - (470) 665-5222
Elina Pilates Brand Overview 2023

Elina Pilates Brand Overview 2023

In this article we'll cover everything we know about Elina Pilates - one of the highest quality Pilates manufacturers on the market with a growing presence in the US.

About Elina Pilates

Elina Pilates was born in Europe and operates out of Spain. They have over 15 years of experience in sports and education research and development and have become a global leader in the Pilates industry.

Elina collaborates with experts in sports, physical therapy, education, and psychomotor skills to constantly innovate on their products which includes innovative reformers, towers, Cadillacs, chairs, and other accessories.

Their main commitments to quality and customer satisfaction shine through in their reasonably priced, safe, and effective Pilates products.

Types of Elina Pilates Reformers

Elina offers a comprehensive collection of Pilates equipment from their base model wood reformers and pilates chairs to elite cadillac reformers.

Their products can come in eight different upholstery colors, such as black, green or moka, and can also provide custom ordered colors with over 100 to choose from on request.

Here are the types of pilates machinery they offer:

  • Wood Reformers
  • Alumnium Reformers
  • Reformers with Towers
  • Cadillacs
  • Cadillac Reformers
  • Pilates Chairs
  • Barrels
  • Classic line featuring an old school aluminum look

Elina Pilates vs. Balanced Body

Many Pilates enthusiasts wonder about how the quality of Elina stacks up to one of the market leaders in the US - Balanced Body and the Allegro reformer line.

If you're considering purchasing the Elina as a more affordable alternative to Balanced Body here's what you need to know:

Material Quality

The Elina carriage, shoulder blocks, foot bar, box, and springboard offer enhanced comfort against the Balanced Body. This is due to extra padding and they are also known for their premium upholstery and customizable colors.

Carriage and Foot Bar

Users say the carriage ride is of very similar quality, but the Elina carriage on most models is slightly shorter in length. The Elina foot bar does have four elevated foot bar positions compared to three on the Allegro.


Balanced Body springs are a bit stronger. For example, Elina's red springs are weaker than the Balanced Body red, so in using the Elina you may have to adjust to a green if needed. 

Component Parts

Pegs and riser components on the Elina models are both made of metal, compared to wood and plastic on the Balanced Body reformer. The Elina's gearing system is a bit different but easy to use.


Finally, all Elina reformers come with accessories included like the jump board and box, so usually customers are saving a few thousand compared to the same package from Balanced Body. The jump board from Elina is also slightly larger in size, and the box has rounded edges instead of angled corners.

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