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Best Customer Service - (470) 665-5222

Elina Pilates Nubium Reformer

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The Elina Nubium is a very functional Pilates machine that has a careful design with contemporary lines. Suitable for both home and professional use, it features a robust ergonomic structure made of white aluminum that provides a very comfortable and safe training experience.

The Nubium Reformer features eight polyurethane wheels and high-precision bearings that offer a smooth and quiet movement, making it ultra-quiet. It also comes packaged with the box and jump board accessories.


  • Structure made of white aluminum.
  • Ultra-quiet trolley thanks to its eight special polyurethane wheels and high-precision bearings.
  • High quality upholstery resistant to intense and continuous use.
  • Padded foot platform.
  • Fixed spring bar with 2 positions.
  • Foot bar with "Quick release" system with 7 quick change positions.
  • Includes box and jumpboard.
  • Padded and lined double-looped hand/foot straps for comfort and control
  • Includes foot strap.
  • Automatic, retractable string adjustment system. Automatic rope collection retractable system that allows storing them in the lower part of the trolley.
  • 3-position adjustable headrest.
  • Adjustable shoulder pads. Adjustable padded shoulder pads that are easy to put on and take off.
  • Springs: 2 strong (red), 2 medium (green) and 1 light (yellow). Complete set of five springs with three levels of resistance that can be combined depending on the desired intensity.
    • One low resistance yellow springs.
    • Two medium intensity green springs.
    • Two high intensity red springs.


  • Reformer: 98 inch. (length) x 30.7 inch. (width) x 14.2 inch. (bed height).
  • Weight 139 lb.
  • Box: 27.8" x 15.8" x 10.8"
  • Jumping board: 26" x 23.3 "

Warranty & Maintenance

Maintenance Tips

Wheels, Regulating Bars and Guides| In order to guarantee the proper functioning of the wheel bearings, the regulating bars of the springs and the guides on which the trolley slides, it is recommended to clean and lubricate them periodically.

Upholstery | Clean with water and a microfiber cloth. For deeper stains, use a tablespoon of detergent diluted in 1.5 liters of water.

Springs | To maintain the tension and safety of the springs, it is recommended to change them approximately every two years, although this will depend on the intensity of use.

Spare parts | Elina Pilates machines are made of high quality materials that give them great longevity. If you need a spare part for the maintenance of your machine, you can contact us at


Includes Five (5) Years Limited Warranty on the components of the frame, and related welding. Two (2) Years Limited Warranty on all other components.

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