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Best Customer Service - (470) 665-5222

Align Pilates A8 Pro Reformer

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The Align-Pilates A8-Pro Pilates Reformer is Align Pilates' flagship commercial Pilates Reformer.

The A8-Pro runs on 8 PU wheels, which creates an extremely smooth and quiet ride, improved handling of cross loading forces, and reduced maintenance.

The A8-Pro includes the patent-pending Rapid Change Spring Bar, which allows swift and hassle-free spring bar adjustments. With a focus on efficiency, you can change the carriage position without removing any springs. Additionally, we have introduced a new and improved rope adjustment system that enables precise adjustments. With this conveniently located near the headrest, you can effortlessly fine-tune the rope lengths to achieve optimal positioning for you or your clients. We understand the importance of seamless and accurate adjustments, particularly in a Studio setting where time and precision are paramount.

Our A8-Pro offers refined performance, extensive adjustability but importantly it offers a luxurious oversize carriage and the longest travel of any standard Pilates Reformer on the market. Simply, this Reformer has been designed for those seeking a spacious carriage bed either for yourself, or for a breadth of clients in a Studio setting.

Now in it’s fourth generation, the A8-Pro is the result of over eight years of development. The A8-Pro can be built with a choice of 3 interchangeable leg heights: Standard (42cm), Low Leg (28cm), or Rehab Legs (64cm), making the A8-Pro a truly future proof and versatile investment. The A8-Pro has been designed for studio, rehab, and private use with the innovative design offering a host of easy adjustments to provide complete flexibility. The A8-Pro uses all the same accessories as the previous A2 models so that the A2 and A8-Pro can easily coexist in the same studio, sharing Jump Boards, Mattress Converters, and Platform Extenders.

Product Details

  • Brand: Align-Pilates
  • Dimensions: Reformer: 263cm (L) x 75cm (W) x 42cm (H)


    • Patent pending Rapid Change (RC) spring bar for the fastest spring bar changes available, using one hand and a single action
    • Longest travel of any standard reformer: 113cm (suits more people & requires less adjustment). Long travel means less adjustment and easier transition between exercises.
    • Widest carriage bed on the market at 67cm and longer carriage at 90cm for greater comfort & to suit more body types than other reformers
    • Space-saving as it can be stacked and can be wheeled for ease of movement and storage (though weight is a consideration)
    • 6 footbar positions including flat
    • Oversize lockable footbar with improved pivot point for comfort & stability
    • Adjustable head rest: 3 improved position head rest
    • Adjustable shoulder rest: removable & lockable shoulder rest with new off centred shoulder pads to give a choice of two widths
    • New & improved rope adjustment system ensures both ropes stay the same length & adjust simultaneously
    • Improved rope adjustment system with easy accessibility by the headrest. Pro Adjusters can be used for precise adjustments and replaces our old T-Bar system.
    • Stainless rope risers for rapid adjustment of rope heights. Risers fold down for use with half cadillac. Risers feature an eyelet so springs can be attached or additional exercise possibilities.
    • 5 nickel plated quality music wire springs in 3 different strengths (2x Light, 2x Medium & 1x Strong)
    • Adjustable feet to ensure your reformer sits flat and can run smoothly
    • Future proof, choice of 3 interchangeable leg heights (24cm, 42cm & 64cm)
    • Includes Align-Pilates ‘Silent' system with metal-free double loop handles, ropes & adjustable silent foot straps with fluffy cover, plus our patented silent pulleys for a super quiet user experience
    • 8-wheel system for improved performance & reduced maintenance
    • New Gondola Pole storage hooks underneath the runner for convenient access and a tidier studio. Note: Maple Pole sold separately.Independently tested to EN ISO 20957-1:2013 (see the full report here)

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