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Best Customer Service - (470) 665-5222

Align Pilates Half Cadillac Frame - for A, M, C Series

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Convert your reformer into a Half Pilates Cadillac or use against the wall with an additional Wall Bracket. The Align-Pilates Half Cadillac tower is compatible with all A, M & C-Series Reformers (except the C1) and also compatible with a Wall Bracket to use against the wall without a reformer. The Half Cadillac adds more variety to your Pilates workout. Assembly approximately takes ten minutes, can be bought with a reformer as a bundle or added at a later date.

Please note that this product is the frame only and does not include reformer which can be purchased separately. 

Safety Warning: The supplied safety strap with this unit is solely designed to prevent the swing through bar from swinging down dangerously under tension and hitting the user, mainly when it is sprung from underneath the bar and the user is lying underneath it. The safety strap is not designed to turn the swing through bar into a rigid bar, such that it can then be sat on, knelt on, stood on, hung on, swung on, or climbed on with full or partial body weight. The swing through bar is designed for push/swing through exercises, either un-sprung or with the springs supplied. It is not designed to withstand resistances from any source other than the springs provided nor is it designed for isometric or bodyweight exercises applied from any angle. Exercises involving standing, kneeling or sitting on the bar or support arms, swinging on the bar or support arms, hanging on the bar or support arms, or laterally pulling or pushing on the bar or side arms fall outside the design specifications of this equipment and risk serious injury to the user and potential costly negligence liability claims against the instructor.

What’s included?

  • Half Cadillac
  • 1 pair of Foot Straps
  • 1 pair of Hand Handles
  • 2 pairs of rapid adjust double eyelet spring holders
  • 8 Aluminium Carabiner
  • 8 Double ended dog clips

Includes 8 quality nickel plated music wire springs:

  • 2x Standard (47cm) Very Light – Yellow
  • 2x Standard (47cm) Medium – Red
  • 2x Long (64cm) Light – Purple
  • 2x Long (64cm) Strong – Red

Product Details

  • Brand: Align-Pilates
  • Compatible With: A/M/C Series. Except C1.
  • Dimensions: 74 inches from floor
    • Attached to Wall: 79.7 inches (H) x 31.7 inches (W) x 22 inches (D)
  • Weight: 66 lbs
  • Material: Full stainless steel upper frame


  • Aluminium push through bar with rapid adjust height changers
  • Full stainless-steel frame
  • Quick release safety strap
  • Maple roll down bar

Manuals & Guides

How To Assemble Half Cadillac - DOWNLOAD
How To Attach Half Cadillac - WATCH VIDEO
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